Our colorful chocolates have been attracting attention since we opened “La Chocolaterie” in Richmond, BC, CANADA, in Dec. 2010. Our combination of high-quality ingredients, colorful presentation and smooth texture will surprise and delight you, and you can only find them here…we call it “Coconama” style chocolate…

Witchery of Coconama 1: Ingredient Combination

We believe that chocolate has unlimited potential to be combined with ingredients from all over the world to create exciting new flavor options. We can never say which, the chocolate or the ingredients, dominate the product’s taste; together, they work in a complex and flavorful harmony. In our shop, you will find a wide selection of chocolates in surprising innovative flavors such as Green tea, Lemon Basil, Tomato and so on. We keep challenging “the world of infinity” in search of the next taste to be discovered. Our regular selection includes 27 kinds of chocolates and the flavors will vary with the seasons. Enjoy the harmony of chocolate and our selected globally-sourced ingredients.

Witchery of Coconama 2 : Colorful Presentation

It has been said that over 80% of visual information entering the eye is “color information”. Color has a significant impact on the human brain both psychologically and physiologically. Many types of colorful chocolate are produced all over the world, but most of them use artificial coloring. Our products get their brilliant colors from natural sources only, never artificial, so that natural ingredients are showcased in their true form. Each ingredient lends its own color to the chocolate: black (cocoa), white (milk), green (green tea), yellow (mango), and so on, giving our chocolates a naturally beautiful appearance. Discover a new way of enjoying chocolate by using color, not just taste, to make your selection, and delight all of your senses.

Witchery of Coconama 3 : Smooth Texture

When you place a Coco Nama chocolate in your mouth, it immediately melts in a harmonious creaminess due to its uniquely smooth texture. Just as juice and butter produce different flavor and texture sensations in the mouth, our special process of combining and emulsifying the fats in the cocoa butter and the water content in the flavoring ingredients produces a texture that is exceedingly smooth and releases a burst of delicious flavor. The result: decadent chocolate that’s irresistibly creamy.

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