Magic happens in our COCO-LABO. The origin of the cacao beans and our own production method come together in our journey to discover enthralling new flavor combinations. Each bar is made from carefully selected cacao beans & cane sugar (*100% Bolivia is only from cacao beans) so we can celebrate the genuine spirit of cacao. Because of our small batch bean-to-bar process, we create each ideal combinations. The world of chocolate has no limits. Enjoy discovering your chocolate world!


COCO-LABO is the fruit of the connection between people and 20 pieces of cocoa

A customer came to us with 20 cocoa pieces that she had bought on a recent trip, and asked if we could make chocolate out of them. That was the beginning of the COCO-LABO line.
The chocolate made with those cocoa pieces was beyond our expectations. We had discovered fascinating aromas and flavours – including the joys of simple sweetness to complex and robust whiskey aromas – and we resolved to share these delicious discoveries with our customers and our community.

It was not easy getting these cocoa beans. Their production was limited and the original supplier couldn’t provide us with beans, but they understood our passion and looked for another supplier to cooperate with us. In 2015, we were eventually able to get enough beans for production and to start the “COCO-LABO” line, most of which is made from high-quality organic cocoa beans, and organic cane sugar or organic coconut sugar.
“COCO-LABO” started from a chance encounter, our passion, and communication within the chocolate community. We are now ready to take the reins. We are proud to create products that bring people together and bring joy to their lives. As our mission says, we aim to “connect people with chocolate”. We look forward to sharing our love of bean-to-bar chocolate with you.

Tasting guide to enjoy COCO-LABO

COCO-LABO is made from only cocoa beans and cane sugar for enjoying “CACAO” itself. Please not bite, but place a piece of chocolate on your tongue and let it sit there so that it melts. Then you will find various flavours chaining in your mouth and discover your chocolate world!

1. Allow the chocolate to rest at room temperature before tasting.
2. Break the piece into small pieces.
3. Smell the chocolate before eating it.
4. Place the chocolate on your tongue, and let it sit there so that so that it melts. Allow time for the flavours to release and develop.
5. Observe the taste and texture that is changing in your mouth. The lingering chocolate aftertaste may even be little different to the first flavour that you pick up!

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