Travel to Ecuador #3

Hello, my fellow chocolate lovers,


I am Takanori Chiwata, the chocolate engineer of COCONAMA CHOCOLATE.


Starting from today, I would like to share about the Ecuador trip I had the chance to go the other day. I would like to make these posts like my travel journal, so excuse my broken English!





Our departure was Monday morning at 6:00am.That was the earliest time we could book our flight considering our weekly routine to attend Whistler’s farmer’s market on Sundays. We got home around 10:00pm, packed our suitcases, and took a short nap.


Of course, no public transit would be running at such time. We called a taxi over to take us to the airport at 3:00am. It had been a while since we last time used taxi, since we always drive ourselves, but just how fast it was! We arrived at the airport after only half an hour.



For this trip we travel from Vancouver to Toronto, Toronto to El Salvador, and finally El Salvador to Guayaquil,Ecuador…Go ahead, tell me all about detour. Another problem was the differences in time.Additional 3hours in Toronto,another hour in El Salvador, and another 2 hours in Ecuador. I had to constantly remind myself to not confuse our flight times. Well,I couldn’t complain, I’d better appreciate mileage services for affording this trip for us.


Although, all our flights were business classes, so that was actually a lot of help. Most of our transfers departed at midnight, so the use of airport lounge saved us a lot too. We were able to drink and snack on small food, so time wisely used!


5 hours to Toronto from Vancouver. 5 hours on a domestic flight… 3 hours time difference… Feeling the vastness of Canada, there we were. I saw a big body of water when I was on the plane, which must have been one of the 5 Great Lakes. The land didn’t seem to be all that full of green like Vancouver, it seemed more bleak.In a far distance, I also saw countless numbers of high buildings. As expected of the metropolitan city, Toronto. We only got a glance of this city during the transit, so hoping to visit this place some day.


Up next was El Salvador. Our flight was with Airbus…but something didn’t seem right. Boeing was much more comfortable. As I wondered about those stuff and dozed off, there we were. As soon as we got to the airport, we felt the humid southern air. It was a beautiful airport, full of colours and cheerful vibes. The female staff all had matching green eyeshadows. The airport security was held right by the boarding gate.That area was separated from other areas by a rope. Yes, a rope. Anyone could easily sneak their way out of there. “Are they really ok with this?”, just as I thought to myself our bags got stopped at the security check. It appeared that my filming wand for the 3D camera got caught. Despite how it looked, they were pretty strict with the check, so feeling eased off we went to Guayaquil.



Again, it was the Airbus that took us to Guayaquil. Something still didn’t seem right. It was just my imagination feeling the propellor like feels, right? Our arrival was 12:00am. 19 hours since we left Vancouver. I wasn’t tired as I thought I would be.That’s what I would expect from a business class flight. At the airport, we were welcomed by a big panel of cacao farm. We were super excited despite the fact it was already midnight! We got tons of pictures in the middle of the aisle. When we got outside, the heat of southern country struck us although it was night. It was our first time visiting South Africaはお, but it felt bizarre. It isn’t a first world country, so the street didn’t look all that nice, but it feels a little different from Asian countries too. Knowing that old buildings back from Spanish colonial age exists in South Africa probably gave me that impression.




We arrived at our hotel, a really nice hotel at the heart of downtown. We fell dead asleep right after we prepared for the next day.





Let’s call it a day now. I am hoping to see you all on our next post.


With hopes that you will be able to encounter the perfect chocolate just for you,



Takanori Chiwata